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what i can say,...i love weddings

Details and creative ideas excite me beyond belief and I want to share, create and make them happen for you.

Wedding is an eternal bond. Every person holds some special feeling and dream regarding marriage. Organizing a marriage ceremony with great efficiency is not at all an easy task. JourJ wedding planner can help you in this respect, it will guide you how to organize the whole thing in proper way.

Your wedding day is your moment to shine! Infusing your wedding with style and imagination, we incorporate thoughtful details that reflect your unique love story. We pride ourselves on experience and ingenuity, not the typical or routine.

"Your wedding day is a truly special day - it is the start of a wonderful journey with another person. No longer are you two, but instead, you become one. But remember, the wedding is not an end in itself - the journey has only just begun. The wedding day is the start of marriage, a lifelong commitment."